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New Longhorn screenshots

New screenshots have just hit the web of Longhorn build 4029 and they have been confirmed real. One of our Affiliates (not really, I just could not find a word) xBetas.com have leaked these screenshots of Longhorn "M6"(Watch out because it seems like that the Microsoft Devolopers have learnt Pig Latin). This follows some possibly faked screenshots of the OS's new interface called Areo

You can find the screenshots here.
Originally posted by Enyo
Could windows start to look any more "Micky mouse".

I don't like the way the look is going at all, looks like a GUI for my first computer.

They are taking pretty streamlined menus too far now.
I agree. How much of a nightmare is this going to be in a corporate enviroment? I am not looking forward to it.


I may actually be insane.

Sorry... someone had to get it out the way. :p
As for corporate use, I'm sure you can just switch back to Classic (a-la XP stylee) but I think it looks nice, which is what end-users want :)
I'm sure you can go back to "classic", I guess my point was how many corporate users will get upset when that certain function that they used in 9x/NT/XP be moved to someplace different then where it was originaly. I don't know if anyone remembers the ol days of NT4 and knowing where services etc...were and then went to 2000 server/pro and you had to dig to find it until you got comfortable with where it was at. I run NT and 2000 servers here and sometimes I have to think which os I am on. So if they go moving stuff again :rolleyes:


Personally, I have no plans on moving to Longhorn. Microsoft has been planning on making longhorn a leased version (you'll rent the OS, not own) (if not the whole OS, many of the services within the OS).


I may actually be insane.
Originally posted by ViperSnake
You can go to classic but the start menu icon will be white
That doesn't even make sense.

Originally posted by Daviepants
I think that sidebar is going to get annoying, really fast.
You can turn it off, or have it auto hide, you can even place it in the system tray :)

Originally posted by Phoenix__1
Personally, I have no plans on moving to Longhorn. Microsoft has been planning on making longhorn a leased version (you'll rent the OS, not own) (if not the whole OS, many of the services within the OS).
I'd like to know where you heard that from..
Things such as MSN and all the services it offers are going to be pushed more by microsoft, but I haven't heard anything about "renting" the o/s..
Who cares if things change? I know that from NT to 2000 the location of many of the utilities changed, but do you remember what a pain they were in NT? And now with XP there are a few more changes. As more and more people use the products and get a feel for things they are able to determine whats right and whats wrong. The truth is that most of the items that many of you use by right clicking here, and searching through branches on a tree are accessable much easier that that. You want services (as you suggested earlier) why right click on My computer and select Manage and then browse through trees. RUN services.msc. Much easier. I don't mind change, it's what keeps me in business. I have to admit that I do not like the big taskbar on the right. I already have too little desktop space and they are suggesting taking more? I do all of the image administration for my company and I can tell you that our XP builds remove the "Fisher Price" theme and a lot of the stupid utilities included in XP. I am sure that it will be possible to do the same in Longhorn.


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All they're doin is changin $hit around soz ya gotta go hunting and then add a few extra things ta make yer computer slow down from the load of it all (this way the hardware manufacturers can get a piece of the pie also), they slap on some new menu layouts, new wallpapers and screen savers and boom... New LONGHORN OS. :p

And maybe instead of being able to switch it to "classic" they will make it sozz ya can switch it to "XP" :p
Originally posted by gonaads
And you have it how??? :confused:
4015 was the older pre-alpha build. A lot of people (including me ;)) got a copy of the leaked build from various sources.

I couldn't imagine running it as my primary OS though. It was slow and buggy, and didn't have anything significantly new that made it worth keeping. But that's just my opinion.

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