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New liquid Cooling Setup.


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Just got my new rig I built a while back setup with good ol' liquid cooling.






Idle CPU temp right now is 37c (98f) with a ambient case temp of 34c (93f).

My house is about 24c (75f) right now

Under the camera flash the green dye looks a lot more green then it actually is. Its very subtle in normal light.

I can get some better beauty shots later if you guys want. I just figured I would share what I have so far :)
i would love to liquid cool my suttle xpc, im already designing a window for it. But trying to fit a liquid cooling system into a SFF case looks pretty much impossible.
First Law of fluidics:
--"If there is no leakage you forgot to fill the system."
It won't sweat becuase it is at room temp or higher.

Umm, personally I would not put the reservoir on top of my HD, ya know...

Put the HD/Optical at the top and the reservoir under it.


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Thanks guys,

@mooo: It was kind of a pain to setup, I had to cut out the side of my power supply bay in order to make room for the radiator. But it was a fun project.

@jimi: The chances of it leaking are only about as good as me doing a bad job of sealing all fittings. I think I did a good job at it... or atleast lets hope so :p (and yes I did do a leak test).

@LeeJend: That is a good point, but it would be very difficult to put the pump/resivoir under my HD's. Opticials wouldnt be to hard, I would just have to drill a new set of holes for the metal plate that the pump/res sit on.
That is pretty sweet set up. In response to the sweating question. For there to be condensation, (I probely didnt spell that right), the water has to be colder than the air out side. Because the radiator is using the power of air to cool the water, it will never be colder than the air outside of the water. Mr. wizard has spoken.


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LeeJend said:
It won't sweat becuase it is at room temp or higher.QUOTE]

Well it would depend on the dewpoint temperature of the air surrounding the components...right?

i dont know too much about these cooling systems...how they are insulated, etc.


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aaahhh, ok sounds champ.
i like the idea of liquid metal cooling. did someone post that recently? i read it somewhere...

well good luck with that man. if u dont mind me asking, how much was it to set that up? im running a pretty loud system right now. 80mm power supply fan is killing me.


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jimi_81 said:
well good luck with that man. if u dont mind me asking, how much was it to set that up? im running a pretty loud system right now. 80mm power supply fan is killing me.
Well, not including the cost of the case (which was in reality nessary for its size to host a water cooling setup).

Radiator - 63.00$ @ Pcmods
Pump - 47.95$ @ CrazyPc
Reservoir - 25.95$ @ CrazyPc
Waterblock - 35.99$ @ Directron
Fans - 3.90$ Each @ Newegg
My Time - Priceless :p

So roughly a total of 180.69$ including taxes and shipping probably closer to 200.00$

I have a fan controller for all my case fans, so those fans I bought I dont run at full speed. So its not as loud as it seems. Overall the system is pretty quiet. Much better then the stock HSF that my CPU came with.



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Admiral Michael said:
I have a question, whats that blue thing between the cpu?
I dont quite follow what you mean, but if you are talking about that blue "thing" in the loop, its a flow indicator. To tell me if my pump is working.
Ahh, so they have added flow meters now. That was one of the items always bothering me.

Aprox I didin't see a block on the video card. Have you considered going that way? Video seems to be the last heat pig in the systems these days.


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I actually removed the flow indicator from the loop a few months ago. It seized up and was impeding flow a ton. Also, it was slowing griding away at itself, which introduced a bunch of fine plastic dust to the loop. :-\ I have since cleaned it all up though. In reality I don't really need a flow indicator, I can just glance in my case window and look at the reservoirand see the fluid swirling around as the pump pushes and pulls from the cylindrical reservoir.

In that shot I had my 6800GT, I have an 8800 GTS now, and I'm waiting for DangerDen to release a waterblock for it, then I will go water cooled on the GPU.

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