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New Linux Distro (Xandros)


I may actually be insane.
Xandros Linux

Released today, and from what i've heard it seems to be a pretty good distro, rivaling lycoris in ease of use.
Only down side to it is it costs $99, but from reviews and such it appears to be worth the money as an alternative operating system to Windows.


I may actually be insane.
o_87, go for it, I'd be interested to hear the outcome.
Lycoris altho it looks nice it does look bloated (I can't really judge because I haven't used it) but this looks like its just standard KDE but with better auto-config so to speak.

Either way, these new distro's are all heading in the right direction to become usable as a day to day desktop operating system.
You're right Speedy. Lycoris is bloated.
It contains a lot of stuff that I don't want, so I just choose not to install those packages, and then use the package manager to uninstall stuff I don't need.


I may actually be insane.
:) well like i say, i haven't used it, it's just instinct that anything that looks that nice (read: XP) is bloated :D

With that said its not nessecarily a bad thing, XP works fine, it just needs a faster computer than 2k, but logic suggests most people have computers powerful enough to run it.
Bloat doesn't bother me too much, i think it comes down to ease of use now.

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