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New Laptop (Sony 13.3in)


High On Life!
Hey Guys, I gave my laptop to my mom, and decided to get a new one, i've decided to get the new sony 13.3 inch ones they are very very very sexy and have good specs at the same time my question is, can i get one of ebay (which will be cheaper and different specs to choose from than the sony store here in montreal) and then when it gets here from the states, can i register it in canada for the warranty or should i just save myself the hassle (if any) and get it from the sony store about 5 or 6 blocks from my place? its because i know there are horror stories out there and i really dont plan on having one!

PS. my last laptop was an acer ferrari 4005 which eventually got replaced with the 4006 from my warranty, and still sucked ass, what does that tell you? IMO don't buy an acer lol i never am again! its no ferrari its more like a crappy 1980 beat up car!


High On Life!
alright guys i got the sony sz450, i got it from ebay and saved 722 dollars and i do get the warranty! i should get it within 10-12 business days im so excited!


OSNN Advanced
i so wanted to get a sony sz4 series laptop but can't afford it. :p
My sony R600 is getting a bit sluggish now with its 256mb ram. it's still ok if i dont run BT on it though. :)

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