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New Ipods...


Dabba Dooba
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So what do u all think of the new Ipods? I like the U2 on cause its black and all. I dont really see a reason for having pics on a Ipod. I also feel like we will be having more Ipod spammers. Like www.freephotoipod.com or www.freeu2ipod.com or w/e. So...will any of you be paying 200-300 bucks more to have a photo Ipod or a U2 Ipod?


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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I think the black and red one looks awesom except that it's U2 based. I do like them but I don't want to carry one around that screams that it is U2. To me the photo one is useless. 499 to also look at photo's not worth it

I don't agree with the spamming of those freeipod sites but they do work cause I got my free one today...and I never spammed here and actually thought it was rude of those that did!


High On Life!
i wanna get the new iphoto 60gb well see, the only thing scaring me is that when i get it they make a new 5th generation ipod, that usually happens to me and the price also drops, the insudtry loves screwing me! :rolleyes:


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I'd love to have the U2 edition iPod simply because I am a huge U2 fan and there is a limited quantity of them made. If I had the money, I'd buy it and keep it packaged until I managed to meet the band and then I'd have them sign the back in silver marker. It would be a great collector's item for U2 fans. :)

Edit: I wrote this before looking at the pics on Apple's website. The back is already signed... in silver. Imagine that. :p


I may actually be insane.
Seems all the apple-hating zealots think the iPod photo is useless, quite ironically I agree, but that's only because I personally have no use for it, I carry my digital photo's on my camera (expandable memory is lovely) however, the iPod photo has only been developed due to demand for such a device, and therefore there are many people who want, and shall buy it.

As for the U2 iPod, I prefer my white iPod, however when I passed the link out on IRC, it seems some love it, some hate it, some think its Ok but wouldn't buy one, it's simply a preference.

Personally, I'd love the iPod Photo, only for the 60GB and longer battery life, but as I'm happy with my 3G 40GB, I'll stick with that until they offer a one week battery life or similar :p
I have a digital camera for taking pictures not an MP3 player, christ next it will be an iPod phone or something

also think you should be able to get a pirate version with an iPatch :p


I may actually be insane.
Ehm, iPatch is the name of something already in place, kinda related to pirates, but I'll leave it at that ;)

As for the iPod Phone... Don't put idea's in their heads :p I can see it heading the way of a PDA though (A-la newton.) I guess we'll see, as I said previously, these devices have only been created due to the demand for them, so it's up to the people what they want next :D
prodj88 said:
if ipods could play videos (mpeg,avi) plus mp3s then maybe that would be something useful! but photos....uhh NO!
I agree. $499 for an iPod that would play video sounds fair, but that much for the current version is just pushing it. As Dave said though, there will still be people buying it in huge numbers. Good marketing can do wonders...

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