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New Internet Connection Yay!


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I talked to the guy that mantains my compounds internet, and i asked him if there are any cheap/fast connections and he told me that they have something like direcpc that can get up to 2.0mb speeds for $120 a month max and me and my neighbor will split the price and that speed is not dedicated so at times when evry company using the same kind of sat. then it might go slow and at night times it could get 2.0mb per sec. 256kb per sec dedicated it $800 so thats tooo steap of a price so when he returns on saturday well find out something. The thing i wanted to know is there any way to split the bandwith exactly in half, and say if my neighbor is not using the internet then i get it all and visa versa? :confused:


High On Life!

What are u talking about thats what we both want! to have hlaf the bandwidth dont tell me its not legal cuz first of all we are going to be on our own sat. so its only me and him so that means he gets half and i get half! and whenever hes not using his computer i get his share or visa versa! And secondly if anything here is not legal i can get away with it cuz im a THUG!!!:p JK!


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i understand what u are saying, but that is no different than running a cable from your house to your neighbor's house so he can watch cable tv and split the price....

not legal... thus no support in this fourm, sorry


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there IS a difference between this and cable, albeit a small one... That being that, if you split cable, you both get full service, all the time, and for the sake of this post, we'll call being able to access all the cable channels at full speed "Full Bandwidth". When you talk about internet connections, if you are both using it, you aren't going to get all of it, not like you can both get the full service out of one connection, like you can on cable. Now, I'm not arguing the legality of it, but I have always been a HUGE advicate of freedom in every form, and I believe when you buy an amount of bandwidth, it's yours to do with what you please, be that keep 5 computers on in your house or share it with your neighbors.

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