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New iMac!


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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true true...for the first time in my life I want a mac and will have one of the new imacs....oh yes it will be mine


F@H - Is it in you?
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looks nice... but as with other apple products... expandability limitations and proprietary hoopla...

still i guess I wouldn't mind having one in the kitchen with an ati graphics processor for TV tuner capabilities...


Time Dr. Freeman?
yeah, net is right. i think you can upgrade ram, but that's about it. if you buy one and you have enough skill, you can probably change the hard drive to a bigger one, but probably not add another. you don't buy an imac for upgradeability though.


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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you really don't need to upgrade them like pc's...they run for years with what they have in them and the way they are built you don't need the hardware in them as you do with pc's


I may actually be insane.
With knowledge you can upgrade anything in an iMac. With no knowledge and an instruction manual, you can upgrade the memory. With common sense, you don't need to upgrade anything.

Personally, I wasn't sold on the new design when I first saw it, but with that said, I hated both the PowerMac G5 and the new Aluminium Cinema Displays, yet now I'm plain jealous of anyone in possession of either, or worse, both. The iMac has definitely grew on me more since this morning, it just looks neat :)

This image made me appreciate it a bit more:
Corvette said:
Looks like a PowerBook mounted on a stand with the monitor folded so that it is in front.
The Powerbook has a brushed aluminium finish. :S
This thing looks pretty much identical to the new cinema displays. It's just white and has those huge borders all around it.


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Okay, upon further analysis I've come the pretty much the same conclusion as Kunal. The new design isn't as earth shattering, but it IS nice when you compare it to stuff that other companies make.

If another company made the same product people would like them. However, this is Apple, and many people including I hold them up to a higher standard atleast in terms of asthetics.

So in that regard, the new design falls short.


Random Apple Dude
To be brief, I love Apple, all their past designs and undoubtly their future designs. As such I love this design too :)

I am an Apple whore, and if I had money, I'd buy one of the new G5s' (as well as, as many other Apple products and parifanalia as I could) :)

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