NEW! - IE v6.05.0008

This is the first time I've tried using the new IE bundled with Longhorn and it has some promise but WTH are they doing building a browser without navigation buttons? There's no forward or backward button!


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0.o if you're using the latest one that i believe was passed out at the one electronics show which we probably should not be talking about in these forums but i'm gonna say this anyway. Last i checked there were navigation buttons... don't think they SAY Back or anything like that, but i'm almost certain they are there.
@napalmnthemorning: The screenshot you posted is not the official IE build included in Longhorn. This one was created by a member at Neowin, and it's basically just a skinned version of IE 6 that works on XP.
NetRyder said:
Here's a screenshot...the only thing I don't see is the Forward button, though I'm sure it should be there somewhere.

the forware button now doesnt appear until its needed. as in, after the back button is used.
@napalmnthemorning: The screenshot you posted is not the official IE build included in Longhorn. This one was created by a member at Neowin, and it's basically just a skinned version of IE 6 that works on XP.
I thinks it's a RIP.


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yep, Dubstar is right. if you notice the way the outline is for where the back button is placed, there's that little rounded bubble off to the right. THAT is where the forward button appears.

SoulDreamer, i don't think it's a rip. A) would be kinda hard to copy a single part from a totally different OS. and B) right in that about part, it says "Version pre 6.05.4051-Clone"


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All of the So called Longhorn alpha versions that seem to slip out are all phony.
even the people at extremepc were fooled when they obtained a chopped up version of the alpha. I did some real deep research on this so called "Longhorn" alpha version. From my findings, Microsoft could have created a dummy version to fool the public. and keep the true OS secret. thats just my opinion. based on the information on the WWW


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if they have the new IE for longhorn then why dont they have it for xp??
Also longhorn looks better than when i ummmm saw it before.....


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If thats going to be the new IE, im not going to download it becuase it dosent look to customizable. I like making mine very small looking, looks like with that its only one size.
the reason they probably don't release it for XP is cause it's a complete change of the interface. that would probably be one extremely huge update if u ask me.
tdinc..... i don't even wanna comment on what you said, but i will anyway. Why on earth would any company take the time to make a new OS to that point.... just for it to be a fake. i mean, the entire installation process is changed, there's no more "Blue Screen" setup for when you format the drives, it only takes like 2 seconds to format a 30 Gig hard drive, etc... That would be the hugest waste of time ever. and if you have version 4051.... that's the one that they handed out at the one tech show, which i believe was kinda named Aero for some reason.... either way, there is no chance at all that any of the alpha builds are fake.
Ok, to re-iterate what I've already stated: :p

The screenshot napalm posted is not a "fake" in that it's not Photoshopped etc.
It is not the same build of IE included in Longhorn. In fact, it's not even created by Microsoft.
It works on XP.

If you really want to try it out, go here:


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If you really want to try it out, go here:[/QUOTE]

Let me correct what I said, with all the theme style longhorn versions out there, I wouldnt be surprised that the "look" of longhorn could be completly different. not a new "OS". visual not technical. :)
That version of IE is not fake. I have Longhorn beta at work and took the screenshot attached.

This version of IE will be included in XP SP2. It has a built in pop up stopper, with some other new features.


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