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New IE browser

Does anyone know when IE is coming out with some new themes for their 6.0 IE browser. (NOT WindowBlinds) Or where can I find some to add some life to this sorry looking browser.. I also use Mozilla and at least they have a variety of really cool themes you can quickly change to, although I like IE better.. But, Mozilla is a bit faster.. later.. thanks....
I'm really not looking to pay $20.00 (www.stardock.com) to put a new theme to my IE browser, but thanks for the link.. YOU would ThInK that IE could at LEAST come up with some freeware themes that are easily Accessible that you could quickly download like Mozilla. I do like Mozilla Mbunny but it the graphics load slower then IE..
Also on Mozilla I can't always use my left arrow to return to my previous page, I have to use my toolbar icon at the top and click on my page.. I've used Mozilla and it is faster.. Which theme do you guys like best. I like "SkyPilot", but the starTrek theme is really cool too....


Tweak UI (Win Power Toy) has that feature were you can change the skin on your IE browser. There is no need for window blinds.


Originally posted by catch23
Mozilla is MUCH MUCH faster than IE...the only thing I don't like about it is I can't hold my mouse wheel down and scroll up or down REALLY fast like in IE.
Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Mouse Wheel

Tweak till your hearts content. That and you may have Smooth Scroll enabled in WinXP. (IE turns it off for itself if you uncheck it in their preferences)


Originally posted by SnookBooger
Opera is fastest, especially when driven by a P4.
I agree with the first part... the second part is just personal opinion

The difference between Opera and Mozilla? You have to pay for Opera. (or get a stoopid ad banner across the top of it) (yeah i know about cracks but pffttt... Mozilla is free from the start)


The reason for this is that when you press down the middle mouse they count it as Middle Click... I remember seeing a tweak to do what you want on bugzilla.

you just gotta edit your prefs.js file. The middle button is used by mozilla for tabbed browsing (needs to be enabled in preferences) so you middle click instead of left click on a link to open the link in a new tab.

Look for your thing in Bugzilla... i saw it a while ago. Search for scroll in bugzilla


Don't know about you gyus - but I bougth the full Stardock suite (object desktop) and about the only think that works well is the IconPackager.
Web blinds - causes IE to crash all the time
Windows Blinds - works OK (windows default still works better)
Windows FX - great for slowing down the system and crashing
Getting pissed-off with it


I agree... IconPackager and CursorXP are the only things i use from Stardock... CursorXP is free (there is a free ver) and there are some funky translucent pointers out =)

IconPackager I use cause even though the trial has ended it can still be used... You just can't change the icons you have now =P


Mozilla is a tad larger than a few Netscape Programmers now =P

AOL fund for Mozilla to be developed... Its a open source project which the community contributes towards. AOL then get a nice working sample of Mozilla and rename it Netscape and add their spy/ad/crap ware to it. Mozilla before Netscape though... Mozilla will always be out before Netscape does.

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