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New HD Problem



Hey I Just Bought A New HD, IS tHere a Way To Transfer All My File In My Old HD TO My New HD?? I Have 2 Comps, Is There A Way??

Tenacious Mark

Yes there is. But Sadly I forgot how to. I'm sure someone else will know how but at least until then you know you CAN do it.


Hey I Downloaded That HDCopy, But Its Installs Stream Cast. WTF? Does anyone have instruction how to do it w/out and programs??


First, you must install both HDs on the same comp . Yes, on the SAME comp .

Just add it in there or replace your CD-ROM drive with the new HD .

You'll boot up on your old HD (bootable HD) . Then you run the program and select the source and destination hard drives .

I haven't tried it myself, but I'm sure it works ..

If you don't want to use programs, just copy all the files manually .. But your comp will most likely crash several times .
There is a DOS command called xcopy when used with a number of other command parameters can do what you want. I've done it before to copy Win98 to another drive, but never done it before to this extent in XP. I do use this in a batch file I use to backup certain directories/files to another drive, but haven't tried it to bootable/system file in XP yet. Also I should mention I've only used it on FAT32 partitions.

I guess the worst that could happen is the new drive wont boot as you want. Then just reformat and try using some other software.

Probably the best solution I can think of is to use something like Norton Ghostto create a drive image and plop in onto the other drive.

Anyway, here are the steps for using XCOPY:

1: Keep your bootable drive where it is.

2: Set the new drive as slave, old bootable drive as master.

3: Fdisk & format your new drive making sure there is enough room in the target partition for all your files :)

4: Boot into windows normally and see if the new drive is viewable in explorer (it should be).

5: Get to a command prompt and type:
xcopy [source drive letter]c:\. [destination drive letter]:\ /e/c/h/r/k

so, lets say you were copying c:\ to d:\, the command would look like:

xcopy c:\. d:\ /e/c/h/r/k

Those DOS switches mean the following:

/e=copies ALL folders (even empty) and all subdirectories
/c=continues to copy on error (such as when copying windows swap file)
/h=copies hidden/system files
/r=overwrites read-only files
/k=preserves file atributes

EDITED: Oh yeah, don't forget to make the new drive's partition active (bootable) when done. And don't gorget to re-adjust your master/slave settings.

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