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new hd problem


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hello all i installed a new hd and need a controller card. and i downloaded the drivers and everything when i go to my computer it's not their ,but when i go to the devise manager it their.i look at the hd's and one is a maxtoer ide and the other is a ite scsi do that have to do with it.if that not the problem can someone tell whats wrong?
jay :confused:

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You probably only have to format it. Control Panel/admin tools/computer management/storage/disc management. It should be in there. Right click on it & format.


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it don't show anything their.do you think it have to do with the jumper. because i have the jumper at the far left side end.and the other thing is i don't have both hd hooked to the ribbon runnin from the controller card


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ok what you need to do is look at the jumper settings on the drive one needs to be master and the other needs to be slave, wether or not the applies to scsi i do not remeber. scsi is rarely used anymore.

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