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"New Hardware detected" keeps popping up



I downloaded and installed a XP printer driver for my printer when I upgraded to XP in January. It has been working just fine. I discovered last week that the OCR software which should have been included in that download was not there. Lexmark sent me a new copy of the software on a CD.

I uninstalled the old software and installed the new software. Now whenever I reboot the computer I get the balloon at the bottom right that says the system has detected new hardware. Then the Install New Hardware wizard pops up and wants to install it again.

Everything works. The printer, the scanner (its a combo unit), and the OCR function.

I have been simply cancelling the wizard but this is very annoying! Is there a way to fix this?


Let it install the hardware then go to device manager and disable it
this should stop the wizard from popping up all the time


I think I fixed it!

I think I fixed it! I'm not sure exactly how.

I put the install CD into my CD-RW instead. It had problems locating the installation software on the CD. But I manually told it where to look. This time something was different. I actually got the two prompts I was supposed to get but never did before. One I was instructed to answer "yes" and the other one "continue anyway". After that the installation was successful (but it said it was before too) and now when I reboot I get no "Found New Hardware" messages! Yahoo!

Not sure what happened, but I'm a happy camper!

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