New HardDrive What to do?

Got a New Harddrive but no space in the case.

Was thinkin of takein the Floppy Drive out and chagein it for the H/D, other thing aswel is it would be Right under the CD/RW.

Would that be a good idea??

**The PC was brough from a PC World, Packard Bell Computer thats why theres no space lol


60+60+60+80+cdrw+dvd-rom+250 internal zip drive+floppy - you're not trying hard enough :D


The Analog Kid
oh c'mon you can do that

1) in the cage with the first hard drive. You'd need to drill some holes and probably a fan right above eit.

2) On the bottom of the case.

3) Remove cage that is there and relocate it to inder the floppy and do as in (1)
Nar still insured for 2 more years so cant go doin stuff like that or will Void the insurance :(

Probley going add it has a External gona go to the Local PC shop tommrow to check the External cases :)
well as i see it if you have a keychain disk i dont see a need but if u want to keep the floppy than waht about the space behind the origional HDD? like they said all u need to do is drill holes but you can also just go out and spend 30$ on a new ATX case that is more upgradable than that, but you can only do that if the back panel on that computer is an ATX plate and not something wierd

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