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New Hard Drive

Old drive starting to make a noise. Installed new one, identical to the original, message says drive not found. Hooked up correct and jumper in place. Removed new one and am back using the old one now. What do I need to do????

Shamus MacNoob

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Would say go into bios and autodetect the drive ...and also when in windows look in the disk manager and see if you can see an unformated drive.
Ordered from "NewEgg". Anyone dealt with them as to returns? Any way to check to see if it's a defective drive, before I go thru that agrivation.

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
Sounds like you need to see if the bios see's the drive first , I would try the drive alone as a single drive , no other devices connected then see if the bios see's a harddrive. After that you need to format the drive use a floppy and fdisk or boot off a windows xp cd and format the drive, the drive wont be detected past the bios if it has no OS installed .... you can also hook it to your machine boot into windows with your current hard drive and then use the disk manager I pmed you details.

The new drive is a WD SATA 80GB, it is just like what came in comp new. Dell dimension 8400 P4 3.4 GHz

There are no jumpers for master/slave on SATA drives just plug it in leave the first one in place go to windows and use the disk manager to format it.
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Just saw latest message, my old OEM drive had a jumper installed!!!

Yes I am attempting to remove the old drive and replace with the new. Old one making noise. With reinstallation CD in, it loads some info then asks for me to press "enter" to start the installation. There I get the message that no hard drive is found. Not much computer knowledge with me. Maybe the drive needs to be formatted??? Is this what f-disk does? Where would I find this f-disk???
All new HDs need to be formatted AND partitioned before Windows will recognize them.

The windows CD or the HD installation CD provides the capability to format and partition. If no CD was provided then you can download the programs from the manufacturers website.

SATA sometimes requires setup from a floppy disk depending on your windows version/SP and how old the computer MB is.
Finally got it to work. The windows cd I was using must be corrupt(came with the computer). Tried another installation cd that came with my laptop and it worked OK. THANKS for everyones help.

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