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New hard drive


David Chapple

I have a laptop which has a 6GB HD and I would like to replace it with a much larger drive. Physically this presents no problem as it is a "normal" type of hard drive. The problem is how can i swap the contents of my existing HD onto the new HD when I only have one drive bay?

Get the necessary ribbon cables to connect both drives and just leave the beast all skinned and open while you do the change. I have a tower and often plug a drive in and just leave it dangling until i'm done with it. Just take care not to short anything out... put it on non-static plastic and go to work.

David Chapple

Hi Lonman.

Thanks for your reply.

Not so easy to do with a laptop. For a start I have no power supply for the second drive and the cable between the mb and the disk drive is a very special non standard cable.

Power splitters are easy to get, and you should be able to find a ide cable that will connect the two on the same ribbon, or use the one for the cdrom (?) after your done with it.

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