New Hard drive blues


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1 Sep 2002
Hello, I installed a new, larger, WD HD and used drive image to make a copy of C. These are my issues. Please help. Thanks

My desktop is H but the program files is C so everything is all mixed up. I changed the label of each drive but it now says DriveC(H) How do I change H to C (not just the label) - I only changed the jumpers - do I really need to swap cable ends? **edit -I will change it


**edit - I switched cable ends and rebooted and got boot error. I put cables back - boot ok.
follow the destructions here, u will need to follow the sub links to maually change the registry to force the boot drive letter to be changed, if this results in a blue screen of death upon reboot, pop in the xp cd and run the repair option to reset the registry to c drive, c now thinks its h but program files still look at c, reseting h to c will fry windows until the repair is done, but then all is c again and program files and windows work.

sounds complicated, cus it is, normally due to the user leaving both drives in on the reboot. on this occasion expect the blue screen and repair ;)
following this I do not see any word that says security

# Click MountedDevices.
# On the Security menu, click Permissions.
The lifeguard CD that came with the HD does not do anything when I try to open it.
I can't believe this is being so difficult. The software that came with the WD HD doea not even work. The software installs but does not run and the Floppy I made does not even work as well. This software is supposd to install the drive AND copy files from old HD.
ok the guide is actually for win 2k, ignore the permissions part and go straight to the regedit bit 'o' the guide
start Regedit.exe.
Locate the following registry key:

Find the drive letter you want to change to (new). Look for "\DosDevices\C:".
Right-click \DosDevices\C:, and then click Rename.

Note You must use Regedit instead of Regedt32 to rename this registry key.
Rename it to an unused drive letter "\DosDevices\Z:".

This frees up drive letter C.
Find the drive letter you want changed. Look for "\DosDevices\D:".
Right-click \DosDevices\D:, and then click Rename.
Rename it to the appropriate (new) drive letter "\DosDevices\C:".
Click the value for \DosDevices\Z:, click Rename, and then name it back to "\DosDevices\D:".
Quit Regedit, and then start Regedt32.
Change the permissions back to the previous setting for Administrators (this should probably be Read Only).
Restart the computer.

blue screen should kick in about now, so get the xp cd ready, follow for new install, and when it locates the windows partition it will ask you if u wish to repair :)

1. In Disk Management - format new HD and DO NOT ASSIGN DRIVE LETTER
2. In Drive Image - Copy drive and DO NOT ASSIGN DRIVE LETTER
3. Unplug old drive and change jumper to master in new drive
4. Boot - will automatically assign to Drive C
5. Done

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