NEW Halo 2 Screenshot


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3 Nov 2003
Attached is a new screenshot of Halo 2. Looks awesome!! :D
Very nice. Very colorful. I wonder what specs will be required by the time it comes out for the PC.
looks good, try playing halo after playing ut2004, it looks like something i could have made...i still love halo btw...

i also see the damn needler and plasma pistols are back =\
halo is impossible after ut2k4.. but for its time was great. i can't wait for halo2.. if only it would hurry up and get here!
I'm sorry, but as if it could look that good on my x-box ?
I'm sure it is, but prolly not until microsoft squeezes every dime out of the xbox verision of halo 2 lol. So I'd say maybe another year or so?
pretty pix are nice but what frame rate is that getting if its on xbox? 6fps? :p
well they havent even finished it i doubt its gonna be looking good and stuff.
I trust Bungie. Anyways, I know it's going to be comepletely awesome! :D Great sreenshot.
Yep, it's going to be the game of the year. :D
Suppose I'm biased as I never found anything interesting about the 1st one :/
I agree! Halo 2 is going to be a great game. Been playing Halo Combat Evolved on Xbox virturally everyday. Can't wait for it to come out! :D
While my head is being taken off anyways I might as well add there hasn't been anything I've seen worth buying an Xbox for either :p

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