new gpu's announced

So, the T-bone is full a 12 inches long (30cm).

0.o are they serious? most people have a hard enough time putting a 10.5" 8800GTX in their case..... it's like ATI said "we need our card to be BIGGER than Nvidia's.... not only try to make it faster. if it's BIGGER.... people will think it's BETTER!"
My answers have been called!!!!!
I do think the size will be hard to put in... BUT DAM! I NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD BE THAT BIG OF AN INCREASE COMPARED TO THE 8800!!!
Oh how I shall wait for the day :)
We gotta wait for some benchmarks first. I'm skeptical that the R600 will be able to overtake the GTX. Regardless it will be good for anyone that is looking to buy a DX10 gpu in the next few months.
I just think that it would be good to have a little price competition...
You won't see any price competition out of ATI. Their product is inherently more expensive to make than the Nvidia chips. Nvidia is well ahead on low power small geometry chips. ATI has been hurting for about 18 months now.

The only hope for video card price relief will come out of the DOJ price fixing investigation. Even that will be minimal. The massive, high speed on board RAM is driving prices up a lot.
all i can say is...... if the decision of buying an 8800GTX is burning a hole in your pocket.... follow your temptation. these things are built like a freakin tank. I was surprised, for one, when i got it, opened the box, and it was actually in an anti-static bag, encased between two rather large foam blocks, with the accessories in a box going along the side. there was literally no possible way for the card to be damaged. and so far it's handled just about everything i've thrown at it (which so far isn't much). i won't even touch Oblivion. hate that game. handles Rainbow Six: Vegas like a dream at max settings, the same with Dark Messiah. Hell.... i don't even really LIKE strategic FPS's...... i just play it because, well... it looks pretty. :) it's running Unreal Engine 3 right? think i heard that mentioned somewhere.

Don't regret my purchase one little bit. BRING ON CRYSIS!!!!!!!!11!1 UT2k7 and HL2 Episode 2 would be nice too.
some updates appeared today

here are some pics of the r600... the xtx (high end model) is insanely big

and rumor has it nvidia plans to release a new 8900 card to beat the r600... apparently it would be an overclocked 8800gtx with driver tweaks for improved perf
always count on nvidia to be jealous. I'm looking at the pic... I'm just wondering if it will be possible to add to my system when I get it. My new system shall be here soon... so I guess I gotta figure out where it will fit.
Nvidia jealous? Your kidding right ? I mean you think mutli million $ corporations are jealous of each other?

You need to get out more and meet people that work in the real high tech area's and see what kind of people your talking about.

PS: Nvidia is a name brand not a person and name brands dont display human emotions .

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