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new gpu's announced


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Good find, there has been speculation and rumors floating around a lot of the hardware enthusiast sites for a while now. I wonder how solid those specs are though. I still say just get a GTS and be done with it, they are already down in the high $300 range and they perform like BAMF's.


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i'm actually probably ordering an 8800GTX.... possibly tonight yet, so i might have it come Wednesday. I would get an 8800GTS.... but i don't know if i'd see much of a performance increase with it over my 7900GT's....


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I get about the same or better performance on my 7600GT in my new rig than I did on my 6800 GT...

I would bet that the 8800GTS is going to be leaps and bounds over the 7900 GT you have and will be noticeably better. I'm waiting for the "budget" 8x00 series to come out.


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Tuff: it's SLI'd 7900 GT's, not a single card.

Though i could probably buy an 8800GTX, sell one of my 7900GT's for around $200, and basically only be spending the money for a GTS.

edit: ...... epk...... y.. you wouldn't happen to play HL2DM, would you?


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ok.... just checking, cause one person that plays in the server i usually play in is named ".epk". kinda interesting.

Back on topic: too bad they didn't release a successor to the 8800GTX. would love to see the specs for a card like that.... *drool*


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I agree with you, some good healthy competition would be good for the market. It might push out some half decent drivers a bit faster too. Although I did just read a article at Guru3d about Nvidia's Vista drivers, that they are made up of 20 million lines of code. For both the 8800 series & all other boards. Plus maintaining XP drivers... both 8800 and all others.... sheesh.
7900GT memory 44.8 GB/sec, Fill Rate 11.2 Billion pixel/Sec
SLI is 10-50% faster than a regular board depending on the game so:
7900GT SLI = Fill Rate 12-16 Billion pixel/Sec

8800GTS memory 64 GB/sec, Fill Rate 24 Billion pixel/Sec

That puts the 8800GTS at 50-100% faster than a 7900GT SLI rig depending on the game.

By my standards that's a pretty good improvement for a video upgrade if the GTS price is not too high. But $370 after rebate is the going price for a GTS and that is awful pricey...

I'm holding off on a new video card until the US Dept Of Justice video card price fixing investigation against Nvida and ATI results are in.

That 8600UL looks interesting as a lot of bang for the buck. Appears like a 7900GTX performance range at a good price. Not in SLI though, a single 800GTS would be better. Hmm, price seems to be too good to be true unless it is intended as an ATI buster.
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Its more than just numbers though, the 8800 series are beasts with DX10 and high quality texture filtering and being able to enable 16xAF and 8xAA in oblivion and max it out... plus mods and still maintain 40 - 60fps....? Woof, totally worth it in my book. :)

Drivers are getting better all the time, with the leak of the first 100 series drivers for vista today and the preliminary numbers that starting to hit the forums... things are about to get very interesting.

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ok.... just checking, cause one person that plays in the server i usually play in is named ".epk". kinda interesting.

Back on topic: too bad they didn't release a successor to the 8800GTX. would love to see the specs for a card like that.... *drool*

For them to release a card higher than the 8800GTX even before they have had time to let the people buy there current highend card is a bit daft, there wont be another major bomb until after ATI has released there r600's then we will see what Nvidia does next, they would never release another highend without ATI playing their next card.

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