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New GPU or New CPU?

I'm currently looking into upgrading either my cpu or gpu but I'm not sure which to do first. I mostly game on my pc. Currently I have a amd athlon 3200+ and an ATI x700 pro (PCI-E.) I'm looking into getting either a x1800xt or x2 4200 (when the price cuts happen) for my upgrade. Which will best increase my performance on high end games (ie ghost recon advanced warfighter) and will having either the GPU or CPU so much better then the other be a problem? Sorry for the wording its hard to convey my question, so if you need more clarity just say so. Thanks!


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Well you have to look at overall cost. Depending on where you go CPU-wise, you may have to replace your entire mobo. Which could in turn, force you to replace your RAM (if current RAM isn't compatible with new mobo). Whereas you can probably upgrade your GPU with your current mobo.


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Correct me if im wrong but the 3200 and 4400 both use the socket 939 board.

but in spite that id upgrade the GPU. :)
Well, if you have the 3200, that's pretty good, the video card is decent, BUT the #1 question... What are you doing with your machine? And what do you WANT to do with it?
video card for sure.

cpu won't do near as much for you in fps.

i have the 3500 x2 and the x800xl. the upgrade from barton 3200 to the x2 cpu did nothing in my bf2 performance. the 9800 pro to x800xl got me barely adequate with high quality. an 1800xt or 1900xt is a good plan or the 7800 gt or 7900 gt are also good choice. an 1900 gt would be adequate.

be advised you need a dual 12v @ 17A or more rail (atx 2.x) standard psu for that video upgrade. so add ~$80 to the card. and you have to have a pcie mb. agp is gone aty the high end.
Its the 64. Before any of this I am getting a new Mobo, case and PSU just because I need to switch to ATX from microATX, I'm going with the abit at8 x32 or something like that, its a ati 3200 chipset and i'm powering it with a 550 Watt ATX 2.01 so that should be sufficent for a x1800xt card, thanks for the advice, I'll go for the GPU after the mobo/psu upgrade thanks. It probably wont be too long after that I get the CPU because of the supposed AMD price cuts but I'll see how things go when that time comes. I just wanna play ghost recon 3! :p oh and huxley when it comes out

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16813127234 MotherBoard

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16817182030 PSU

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16811146027 Case

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814102007 Future Card...?

PS up for some CS:S Vanq? (270 fps, can you spare a few to the needy :) )
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I think its an xp3200
Im not sure,
i had an xp3200 before on an old desktop.
It was fine for games.
I needed a better gpu for it.
Id say, if u want to upgrade now, get a new vid card.
if you read the first post carefully, sindustrial777 mentions that a pci-e card is already in-use on the existing system.... now that would tell you that it's an Athlon64-based computer. :D
yup, specs are good for the rosewill psu. should take a 1900 xt 1900 xtx or 1800 xt. the 1800 xtx draws more power and may be a problem

be aware the 1800's cost more and use morepower than the 1900's. they use bigger die and are being rapidly phased out. that sapphire is a good card as long as it stays available.

Th 7900 gt is a much cooler running card at aboiut the same price if the 1800 xt goes away. Check out the toms review on the 1800 -1900 cards. they show the gpu temps under gaming and they are obscene. 90-94 deg C. that's just shy of boiling water.
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