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New Gmail Look

American Zombie

Staff member
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What does everyone think of the new Gmail?

At first I did not like it but after playing around with it for a while I am starting to like it.

But, at this point I still like the old look a bit better.

American Zombie

Staff member
Political User
What do you mean old mail?

What you may need to do is change view from compact to either cozy or comfortable which can be doen with the button on the right.

At first all my mailboxes were not visible until I changed view from compact. As you can see in the attached they are all there now.



- geek -
If by old mail you mean "all mail" ... you can make it non-hidden by going to the "more" section on the bottom of your label section and choosing "manage labels". Or if you just want to access it without it being in the list all the time you can also get to it that way as well. :)


Blame me for the RAZR's
I took the beta look awhile back so I guess I got used to it before it was the "new look" Works well enough I just don't like the fact that i have to click on google to get a list of the other services to navigate to now.

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