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New Front

hmm.. EP is having a shoot as this... and so are me + o_87...

this is what i've managed to scratch up in past few hours...

This is just a basic mainframe... ignore the darkness... will make it much lighter... just a sampler ;)

that is basic layout i was going for... also will be adding a sorta border around it... so it'll suit the forums too...

I would add more... /tidy it up a bit but firstly wanted o_87 to add some of his 1337 gfx techniques + ideas to it... also
my mums just about to chop meh head off... got to wake up early in the morning... might be able to creap back down here sometime in the night... if i get caught... thats me fu-bared :eek: - so not 100% sure if i will be able to come down... if not... will continue 2morrow...

I want feedback from you guys of what needs to be done on there... what needs to be fixed/tweaked/added...

One thing i've missed is the banner adverts... will be a 125x125 in the menu hopefully.. need some space for a 468x60... suggestions welcome


P.S. o_87 - get yer ass online :p
also... this is JUST a LAYOUT... no final gfx have been put on... i've just added meh sw33t header just to give a feel... we may even be having multiple headers not sure... all depends onw hat waddy's looking for... m00
also.. waddy - get yer ass online :p

Electronic Punk

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ok looking good, ,think I will leave mine now and just make sure all my (and everyones) ideas get into it.

Firstly... You HAVE to make sure this one works and looks good at 800x600 and every resolution upwards... looking at 4 menus at teh top that may be a stretch but we will see what happens, if it works that will be sweet...

Here is the last one I did, with some more specific gfx in as you were bitching about them :p


Think you should have the mirc/klipfolio stuff above then you can do the same thing I have done... (moivng your forum posts to the right... where the news section headlines draws down into the news stories... the other tables should be clickable which would switch to that specific page (software/gaming/forum/) as should the title..

GFX are temporary so I won't comment on em..

At the top I think you should split the first bit of the ntfs logo into a table so "Current Users Online etc." can be written on top and aligned to the right...

That is all for now, will comment as you add more...


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sweet job guys :D

I really like MDSalih's layout out of the two... I think it's simpler I like the color too.

I think EP yours is pretty sweet too, mainly I think I like MdSalih's more is because of the gfx... but then again your gfx a temporary.. so keep up the good work m8 ;) One suggestion though... make the latest posts to top 10 posts or seomthing so it can fills that blank spcae ya got there..

Electronic Punk

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Gonna support MDs proving you can get the 4 menus at the top there.... will have to wait for him to see if it will tho... bored of coding, so this will gimme a chance to supervise :p


Beware the G-Man
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Damn MdSalih, That is sweet! I like the way if ya want the news for a certain thing (main, software or gaming) ya just press the tab and it changes the frontmost page. Most outstanding. :)
Originally posted by gonaads
Damn MdSalih, That is sweet! I like the way if ya want the news for a certain thing (main, software or gaming) ya just press the tab and it changes the frontmost page. Most outstanding. :)
Yeah - i agree its pretty sweet - ep's idea originally...
problem is coding it...

m00 - been up last 3 hrs doing up the html end for this... aint its taking the piss... especially the bit where my eyes are half open... m00


Electronic Punk

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There is a way of doing it as I used to do it to hack ikonboard tables.... the new vbulletin beta site has the option of doing it...

If I remember correctly it ain't just a matter of HREFing it you have to say onmouseover, onclick etc...

will look into it, just got a new amplifier at a car boot sale for £18!!! Its a digital surround amp and I think it was originally worth a fuckload.
m000 - th tab system isn't a problem m8... cant link ema up and get em working seperately no problem... the problem is the layout... how the fuk is it gonne come ouy... gonna use many tables/td/trs - but with the shading its hard

/me will try to work something out l8er in the day...


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