New Forceware 56.55

Shamus MacNoob

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Seems a few geforce 4 users are getting good results with these drivers, I am still on the fence about trying them but there is word that the pb hardlock up's was taken care of 1) by updateing your pb files 2) some have reported that the problem does not happen with these drivers

If I test them I will post back with results but it wont be benchmarks I dont bother anymore, I prefere spending my time playing my games :cool:

Shamus MacNoob

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These drivers work great for me , and if you update your punkbuster files from the PB website , with these drivers I have no more hard lock up's in PB servers :D


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im still running an old card
GF4 mx440 64mb agp x4

currently using the latest official 53.03.. do you know if its worth me keeping up too date and using these forceware drivers for such an old card? or will theyre updates only be of use for the latest generation nvidia's?..

Shamus MacNoob

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well 53.03 is forceware ... its hard to say whats gonna be good for you I mean if you find 53.03 ok great for me they were no good 44.03 was what I was using Omega's that is ..but I saw a few Ti4200 user's saying these were good for them and it seems to be the trend so I tried them thats all you can do is try

Shamus MacNoob

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I could list tons of problems and I am sure I did somewhere but just as an example in NHL2004 my players had no #'s on their jersey's Goalies had no legs, Hard lock up's in all PB servers on line ( that might have been fixed with new PB files not sure ) no fonts in hidden and dangerous options boxes at the game start, NFSU bad stutters .. so as you can see the 53.03 were not a good one for me but we need to remember its always different on each setup :)
Downloaded from Guru the 56.55 drivers and so far no problems. Guru say there is an automatic clocking feature with these drivers but I couldn't find it, other than that it works fine. I have a GForce4 Ti 4600 128Ram Graphics card.


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seems too give even my old gf4 mx440 a nice boost:) everything runs smoother, the auto clocking shows up but when i select it, its set it as 0/0 and changes refresh rate tyoo 60hz, so i didnt bother using that yet

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