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New folder keeps appearing in Vista

Just took my sony viao laptop back to factory settings,and everythings fine,apart from a New folder(nothing in it)keeps appearing on the desktop every day or so.Any ideas??
Does it only happen when you boot the computer, or can you have it up and running for days, and each day or so a "New Folder" will be created?

What about Mizzle's question about checking your scheduled tasks? I'm sure you didn't intentionally schedule such a task but it's worth looking if there's one set for some reason.


Oh, now I know...!
Check out this thread

Some guy found out a Bluetooth service was doing it on his computer. Make sure you don't have any applications set to create that folder when receiving files or downloading files - i.e. I've got a firefox extension called DownThemAll, and that's set to create a new folder every time I download any files using this extension.

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