New Far-Cry map released

to give you an idea :)

looks quite decent init :D

-edit- btw those shots are not from my system :D


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here is a cap I got ingame right before entering the cave to the right of my vantage point...

point of note... ati dx9 cards automatically run dx9 and thats it... I have no options to force a lower dx revision... nvidia cards run @ dx8 by default afaik...
Yeah.. nice game.:) I have made many direct hits w/the rocket launcher inside and outside of the helicopters. I still havent been able to bring 'em down.
I have an Ati Radeon 9800xt....why does the game load then suddenly give me a blank blue screen (not a bsod)? Hmm.

I can get to the menus etc...but trying to start the games itself is proving impossible!

Any ideas?

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