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New EPISODE III TRAILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perris Calderon

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nice...no puppets!!!

yoda and the robot...man I hate all other puppets.

I might like this one

the affects do look a little cartoony though


Blame me for the RAZR's
if it sucks.. it is the last one.. with ep 2 i wish george lucas would go blind.. then maybe they acting would of been better hehe


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It looks great, but then again I thought the trailers for episodes 1 & 2 were great, and the films turned out to be shiiiiiiite!!!!!


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The trailer looks amazing, very stunning visual effects. Apparently, the intro consists of a long 'armada-style' space battle over Corcusant; if anyone read's the X-Wing series of books as well, this alone should be pretty damn cool :)

The 100th issue of Toal Film has a very neat cover of Vader/Anakin, plus a short interview with a few cast members. It's a good read, if only to just buying it for the neat cover :)


I'm sorry Hal...
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Xie said:
Why oh why would you compare your new movie to that bombshell in any way? If you wanna say it's intense at least compare it to a movie that kept people awake. :(
Yeah, that movie made over a billion dollars and everyone who saw it hated it and fell asleep :rolleyes:
Plus do you think he might just mean it contains romance and heartbreak? hmm? maybe? perchance?
Khayman said:
Plus do you think he might just mean it contains romance and heartbreak? hmm? maybe? perchance?
Who knows .. he's a madman. :p He is already talking about re-re-releasing Star Wars in this new 3D technology. It blows my mind he is so quick after taking ages and ages to just get him to put it on DVD.

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