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New Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2/Audigy 2 ZS Drivers


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Seems a load is fixed here read on:-

This driver update contains enhancements and fixes to improve the performance of your Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 or Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS product.

Added Feature:


EAX 4.0, containing DirectSound and Open AL API extensions, to utilize the EAX 4.0 ADVANCED HD Multiple Environment feature


* Removes noise from analog speakers after switching to VXD drivers using Driver Utility.
* Allows compressed and uncompressed AC-3 signals when using VXD drivers.
* Resolves noise and distortion issues during extended playback of DVD movies.
* Removes popping and clicking sounds when decoding AC-3 signals from external DVD players.
* Updates the speaker settings when connecting or disconnecting headphones from the Platinum Drive or Audigy 2 Drive after changing the volume level and returning from Standby mode.
* Removes popping sounds when compressed .WAV files are played back in Feature Showcase Demonstration.
* Updates the speaker volume setting after changing the volume level and restarting the computer.
* Removes distortion on MIDI notes when the latency is set to below 20 ms on ASIO tracks.
* Removes static from .MP3 and .WAV files during playback.
* Outputs Dolby Digital and DTS signals from the software DVD player in 'SPDIF In decode' mode.
* Launches the OSD (On-Screen Display) main menu when the remote control's Start button is pressed.
* Removes the error message when launching Creative Graphic Equalizer.
* Synchronizes monitored SPDIF In Input signals with Input SPDIF signals.
* Resolves the volume increase issue when adjusting bass or treble levels during DVD-Audio playback.
* Mutes all audio output when the Platinum Drive or Audigy 2 Drive's 'Push Mute' button is pressed once.


* Microsoft© Windows© XP, Windows 2000, Windows Me (Millennium Edition) or Windows 98 SE (Second Edition)
* Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 card, Audigy 2 Platinum eX card, Audigy 2 ZS card or Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro card installed, with or without drivers.


* This EAX 4.0 driver update is not meant for USB Audigy 2 NX or other external Sound Blaster audio products.
* If you later wish to install older or newer versions of Audigy 2 or Audigy 2 ZS drivers, you must first uninstall the EAX 4.0 driver update. Uninstallation steps for the EAX 4.0 driver update is displayed during installation.

Let hope this is what we have all been waiting for and the pop and crackle is a think of the past :D
Could a mod please post this in the news section too please?
All right...I've been preaching the KX Project driver for months, but I'll test these out tonight. Maybe, just maybe, Creative will give us Audigy users a pleasant surprise.


Thanks for the heads up.

My lower quality MP3's seem to play better now.

Havent noticed anything new added.
Just tried them both fairly extensively, and here's the score:

Number of apps needed for full functionality:
Creative: 9 (pray you don’t lose their CD—you can’t install the apps downloaded from their webpage unless you have installed that disc)
KX Driver: 1

Number of separate frequency bands in equalizer:
Creative: 2
KX Driver: 10

Choosing crossover frequency:
Creative: Slider bar; no specific frequency
KX Driver: Displays exact frequency

Snap, Crackle, Pop!:
Creative: Yes
KX Driver: No

Number of AOL icons installed to desktop and start menu:
Creative: 2
KX Driver: 0

Number of items involuntarily added to registry at startup with full software suite installed:
Creative: 3
KX Driver: 1

Does HandyBuddy, an admitted audiophile, like this driver:
Creative: About as much as I like paper cuts.
KX Driver: About as much as I like Butter Brickle ice cream!!

Ok, now that you got the lowdown on the driver suite, I must say one more thing, and this is very important: Sound is louder with the KX driver. And that’s in a good way. If you left your speakers at the same level and put both sliders for Main and Wave at 75%, you will find that the KX driver puts out sound much higher than Creative’s. If you crank up the Main and Wave outputs on the Creative driver high enough to match the output of the KX driver, it distorts horribly. I don’t like having to turn my speakers up to much higher levels to get the same sound, either.

The 10-band graphic equalizer of the KX driver is incontestably better than Creative’s “Bass” and “Treble”. And it’s just being nitpicky, but I like to know what frequency my crossover is set at, and KX gives me this option.

KX drivers give you full control of your sound system, down to the tiniest details. My biggest gripe I had with Creative had nothing to do with their product--a superb piece of equipment for the price—but everything to do with their awful drivers.

Draw your own conclusions…


OSNN.net Adventurer
Nice write up Handy Buddy but I have to disagree with some of your points, firstly let me point out I have never tried the KX drivers firstly because I was worried about game support (with these drivers now eax4!) and software dvd support (running 6.1 here). So I can only comment on the creative drivers.

1. I have never ever had an AOL icon installed I am actually puzzled by this one…..
2. I use the creative multi speaker support a lot I don’t know that the KX drivers have anything similar
3. I use a lot of the apps such as mediasource recorder and the remote
4. Crossover frequency IS DISPLAYED – you simply have to hover the mouse curser over the slider and it is displayed
5. I have had no snap crackle and pop as handy buddy called it ;) since driver update mind you that’s not to say it wont happen

My final point is I personally like the creative suite and am extremely hesitant to try anything else, but as with everything its your call….
I'm running a 5.1 system with full support; haven't tried 6.1. If you haven't given the driver a go, I implore you to install it and play with it for one day. Check out the options. The KX driver isn't for everyone, but it suits my needs perfectly. It doesn't support some EAX extensions, but it definitely holds its own for most effects.

Small sample of KX project functions...

A 10-band EQ (which vastly improves sound quality) and the distortion-less, boosted sound level (which also vastly improves sound quality) alone is enough to make me happy


OSNN.net Adventurer
With the KX drivers what is movie playback like ??? With my Xvids/DivXs I have found some to be very quiet now which means you have to crank the volume up alot which results in hissing, do the KX drivers fix this ???
Originally posted by indyjones
With the KX drivers what is movie playback like ??? With my Xvids/DivXs I have found some to be very quiet now which means you have to crank the volume up alot which results in hissing, do the KX drivers fix this ???
That's one of the reasons I got them. They support AC3 decoding, DTS decoding (with an external decoder, of course), and since they output sound at a much higher level, you don't have to crank the speakers. Movies are STILL a little quieter than I would like, but not to a great extent. It makes me jump when someone sends me an instant meassage:p


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heres a question can you still use the crative software if you unistall just the drivers and install the kx projects ??? like the speaker settings for example and the mixer (although you did mention the kx mixer is better handy buddy)
Originally posted by coathanger007
Does no one read the front page? Posted this a while back.
Even if Indyjones had monitored the front page like a rabid duck, he would not have seen them, since he posted this thread five days before it appeared on the front page.

And after I reinstalled the KX driver, all the Creative programs quit working. But as you noted, Indyjones, the KX drivers already perform all those functions.

One thing I must hand to NVidia (LOL grimman I mean CREATIVE...I'm dumb :p) is that they reduced the popping quite a bit. Now I only hear it when opening/closing certain programs while a sound is going.


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Cheers HandyBuddy
That was the case I have tried to submit news before (using the link on the front page) but nothing has evercome from it the nvidia system tweaker was a good example posted that and nothing came of it.... So posted this here.
A question for handybuddy : - what do you do wit hyour remte as i expect the kx suite wont support it ??
Glad to vindicate you :D My remote? I guess I never thought of that. You are quite correct, it doesn't work! I guess I never thought of it because I never use my remote. I dug around in a drawer beside my computer to get my remote and confirm this.

To Creative, I would suggest a graphic EQ and louder volume from the card, and I would use their driver forever. I'm just a sound junkie...
I just checked on the Audigy 2 ZS, and it has a graphic equalizer! Grr...I should sell my Audigy on Ebay and get this instead.

Oh! And the American Creative site finally posted the driver as well--here.


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Hmmm there seems to be very small differences between the two you would just need to find the software from the ZS somewhere and the mixer will definatly support creative have in the past reased software updates but its very infrequent :(

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