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New CPU Technology

Maximum PC says that AMD will be working on it too. Intel will have it out sooner, only problem is motherboard support. If Intel were to perfect it, I would deff. buy an intel again and enable hypertreading. Sounds amazing
Originally posted by catch23
Intel won't have much help in the motherboard department...at least chipsets...they keep sueing companies which are helping them...
there are 2 motherboards out there now that support it. I think that there will be alot of support for it when there are processors with the capabilities, since the CPUs now have not been optimized for it, it screams at some points, and is sluggish in others. Just need to have the processors designed for it.
Originally posted by catch23
I think my AthlonXP 1600+ does more than twice as much as my Intel Pentium II 350mhz..... :eek:P
of course, its an AMD. I can not wait for this to work. I want to have 2 cpu board with a 4 processor base, that is what is so interesting
Like the picture of the cat's. I'm sure they can multithreaded o.k.

This new technology will only provide 10% to 15% performance increase. If you have a P$4 this will not be noticed as it throttles itself back to the circumstances it finds itself in (single processors non server systems) therefore mitigating the increase. They will have to remove this for you to notice any performance hit!!!!

Is this true, surley not?


I also read that the presscott processor will be built on .09micron process... and it will also have new extensions... and will be in the 4ghz range... will a FSB of 667mhz... and 3GIO interface... i wonder how fast that will be compared to Hammer... only time will tell. Also think of the overclocking possibility ;)...

Oh, and I may be wrong here... but doesn't it seem that AMD is stealing technology from Intel... not the other way around... look at MMX, SSE, SSEII and the name of the processor itself... 286, 386, i don't think 486 was the same name... but I'm pretty sure that they were both the same name, and Intel wanted to copyright x86, but you can't copyright a number, so that's why 586 is called pentium... and so on...
Presscott processor: -

Yes we had one of these in charge of our transport systems (UK).

Hammered one of his fans I think in amoment of maddness.

Was also a Trade Union sponsored chip built in the 0.001 x 1G range.

Ran VERY HOT, needed many fans to cool and hogged power supply to detriment of chipset.


how have they not... you're thinking of AMD... Northwood processor is the greatest thing ever to happen to the P4, without that, this debate that we're having would be no consest AMD winner... throughbred on the otherhand is lacking in technical detail... when they designed the core, they never added a heat spreader, so making the core smaller actually made heat dissipation worse because of the lack of surface area... and the performance is minscule if there is any between the same speed processor.
Intel's .13 micron process is going so well that they're moving up the date of 2.8 Ghz, and 3.0Ghz:


so... you have your information wrong... and by the way... with AMD's new processor, you have to use a different heatsink than with Palomino, otherwise it's not covered under warrenty...



And also, you will notice that retail AMD chips are sold with HSF assemblies, that are (duh) approved for use with the processor they are sold with, anyway, I guarantee you that Thermaltake and others are already producing new HSF's for the new 64 bit processors being released this fall...

and also about the via/intel lawsuit, if intel would put out a decent video core then via wouldn't try to do it for them

[edit]ships/chips, same diff[/edit]



Also, if you're going to get into a technology theft debate, then what about 3dNow! ?? Almost no games anymore use MMX...and anyway, who cares?

This is like saying "OMG....Both processors companies use SILICON for the die...Dirty thieves!"


haha... that's a good anagoly... I really did laugh when i read that... and i needed that laugh too... hard day at the office, the phones would not stop ringing!


technology theft???
i guess it is not technically theft since Intel let them but, AMD's chips originally started as exact copies of Intel chips. this lasted up through the 486.

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