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New computer for me..need help


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what are some main things i need to look for with a new computer?

Like do i want AMD or P4?

Im going to get a factory refurbished ocmputer caise they are cheaper and you can get a good deal with a powerful computer...

i have looked at these computers..




please let me know what anyone thinks....
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You are taking an awfully big risk not only with a refurb system, but also purchasing from a seller like Ebay.

If you are going refurd, you have the option of going to the Dell Outlet store and purchasing directly from Dell a refurbished system, and at least it is from a reputed source.

Dell Outlet Store for Desktops link.

Use that link to navigate to a system, consider getting something like a 4700 series with an LCD monitor. Or get the monitor separate.


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The Pentium 4 is superior to the AMD XP lineup so I would lean towards that.

If on the other hand you were deciding to go with an AMD 64 processor, that would be the better buy.


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Nothing, if you get it from a reputed source.

Most of Dell's refurbs for example are simply un-opened items that were returned because the purchaser changed their mind about it or wanted a different system or the systems were simply undeliverable.

Dell cannot legally simply part them and re-sell them as new items. It doesn't keep inventory like that hence the existence of the Outlet store.

Now if you were to buy a refurb from 3rd party like Ebay sellers, there is no guarantee's whatsoever and if you get stiffed, you get stiffed.


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Sites like that and www.newegg.com and others have prebuilt systems available and have pretty decent feedback as well. You should be fine with something from a more reputable source.

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Not to butt in, but one thing I would be wary of, if I went with a refurbished product is whether the product gets tested prior to being re-released...

Ebay is chancy, and Saz is right on the money here. There are too many, well scams that have shown up on Ebay before, and I don't just mean someone trying to sell their virginity. I've heard of people selling a box to a graphics card, and some peeps were surprised when only the box arrived...

But on each of these sites, what is their policy in testing the equipment before reselling it. There are a variety of reasons something might be returned, and if it's just shipped on it's way back out... There's also a possibility that it was fine at first, but something happened via UPS. I used to know some people who ran a computer shop of their own. There were a few instances where, they shipped the comp out, it was fine. The person got it from UPS and it came looking like some piece of modern art :eek:

Carol was telling me when she got the thing back, the case was so badly twisted and contorted, there is simply no way a person could have done that by hand. She quickly set about making the person a new PC (even though she had since officially left the business) and shipped a new one to them ASAP...

I made one for my father and sent it to him via UPS. Nothing like that, but in the mail a cable or 2 came loose. He wasn't sure what it was at first (I'm more of the computer person in the family) so had to take it in. They told him the drive cable came loose in shipping and plugged it back in. All was then well...

Two things I would look for:

- They test the system before shipping it back out. Given that Sazar works at Dell, he can tell you if their official outlet does this or not... Another place, I would personally look into this.

- Is there some sort of limited time gaurentee with the thing. AKA if you get it in the mail, hook it up and it won't boot out of box, are you stuck or will they replace it?

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