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New Build and Windows wont install


Very xp-erianced
Built a new rig with a msi K7n2 Delta, Athlon 2800+ XP,1.5 Gb Ram, GeForce FX 5800, Maxtor 60Gb HDD.

First had the incompatable RAM error. Solved that by buying some crucial RAM. Now when i try to install XP gets to the 19 minutes remaining, then shuts down. On reboot it says that the HAL is correct or missing. Pls Help as be tring for about a week now.:mad:
SOunds like a problem a buddy ran into, drove him nuts.

He was trying to install from a DVD/CDrom player and the DVD support is not built into the Bios like cdrom support is. He was missing critical drivers during the early part of the install.

If you have a plain Jane CDrom or cdrw try installing from that.

The other possibility is to go back into your bios and select restore default to remove any fancy features. I've had problems with the basic windows install not able to deal with advanced MB functions.'

Good luck and post agian if that doesn't work.

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