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New browser - rocks



Is it just me or has anyone else tried that new "light" browser that waddy posted info about:

myIE 3.2 | A New Web Browser
Posted by waddy on Thursday, February 14 @ 20:00:03 GMT (76 reads)

Anonymous writes "A new browser has been made, it is based on Internet Explorer but it is really easy to use and install. It has some new features plus there is no installer to run so it will not mess with your settings.

I cant believe how small its footprint is and also LOVE the built in popup killer.

Has anyone had any problems with this ????? it seems top notch

yeah, it's totally cool!
have used this baby since the 1.92 release, and it is getting better and better. i still get some script errors every now and then, but it is a lot faster than IE..or so it seems anyway.
and u dont need to install it either. just download it and start the exe file.
love it


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he poeple. I posted that but because i cant login at the main site i dont get any credit. THe second link taht says download it from my page is a link to a download that i host. http://windows.jaha.dk. I decided to post it here so that people also knew about it. I have been using it for a long time and since this version is nice and has hardly any defects i posted it.

check out my site if you have time.

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