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New Blog Design


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Hey guys, I just put up my new blog design!

It works flawlessly in Firefox but as always there are issues in other browsers. Opera 9 and IE7 seem to have some minor issues that can be fixed with browser specific CSS...

However IE6 truly ****s it up and I'm not sure yet if I want to fix it for that.

I have one more question though. Anybody know how to set a width for a checkbox? I've added some code in my CSS file to set the width but it won't affect it...

I specifically want to set the width for the checkbox at the bottom of post pages where people can subscribe for future comments.



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The Width of the checkbox is bigger than it is supposed to be on FireFox on the Mac, and Opera on the Mac.

Safari does not seem to like your links at the top right of the page, most probably due to JavaScript.

As for IE 6, have you looked at Dean Edwards IE7 script? I use it all over the place, hell, it even helps IE 7 fix it's crap. http://dean.edwards.name/IE7/

While it says to use LT 7 in the conditional comment, just make that lt 8, and it will affect IE 7 users as well. Works great, non-intrusive to other browsers and helps to stop having to put hacks into CSS stylesheets to try and fix IE 6.
Looks good, I'll second the use of the IE7 javascript. I've used it in quite a few places now, though I'm trying harder to avoid it but sometimes IE's just askin for it ;) :p


Electronica Addict
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Thanks for the compliments/help guys :D

I've setup the IE7 script but it doesn't seem to fix the sidebar position issue in IE7 :/

I'll take a closer look at it tomorrow...but I've tried the built in "test" to see if it activated (http://ganai.com/?ie7_debug=true) and I get a positive.

Also, anyone have any idea why that checkbox below the comments form is so messed up?

mflarley: Yup, I created the theme but there are two things that I didn't - the background pattern was created by editing a black and white wallpaper pattern that I found online...and the little 16x16 PNG icons you see sprinkled around are the awesome famfamfam Silk icons. (http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/)


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Grandmaster: Don't know if you changed anything or not, if not, the new Safari, 3.0 which is in beta for Windows and Mac OS X works perfectly. They seemed to have fixed most of their javascript problems.


Electronica Addict
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So I applied the IE7 javascript patch and it didn't seem to really do any good :(

So I had to manually do a bunch of ****...but apparently the site looks great in IE7, Opera, and Safari now.

Also, I changed the font to Lucida Grande for those that have it... :D Other wise you default to Trebuchet MS, then Verdana, then Arial, etc.

Now...IE6 will be a big bitch...I might uninstall IE7 for a bit to get it working on IE6. Hopefully that javascript patch will do a better job for IE6.

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