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New ATI drivers



Today, ATI released their new ATI drivers, called "Catalyst".
This means new 8500 drivers :)

This is from the site:

CATALYST™ - Commitment, Confidence and Capability

ATI introduces CATALYST™ - industry-leading software suite that enhances and accelerates the visual experience. The suite is a package that consists of the latest driver, HYDRAVISION™ (multiple monitor management software), MULTIMEDIA CENTER™ and REMOTE WONDER™ support.

Industry's most stable 3D acceleration software
Exceptional visual quality
New features and functions
Frequent updates and reliable customer service
CATALYST Crew Program


Industry's most stable 3D acceleration software
Fully supported by ATI's customer support
Featuring SMARTGART™ - a diagnostic tool that determines the optimal settings to ensure maximum stability. With SMARTGART™, the display driver will automatically test the AGP capability upon its initialization and dynamically adjust the necessary settings based on the test results. This provides users with a more stable system

CATALYST™ software supports component output for all RADEON™ 8500 family of graphics cards and ALL-IN-WONDER® RADEON™ 8500DV. This provides the highest quality method to deliver HDTV support and allow users to use their PCs as a central entertainment hub while watching high-definition TV or playing games
CATALYST™ provides plug-ins for the REMOTE WONDER™ software. This lets users control applications such as WINAMP and Microsoft® POWERPOINT with REMOTE WONDER™
CATALYST™ includes a new Direct 3D™ and OpenGL® control panel that gives users full control over performance and image quality settings

ATI is committed to providing frequent updates of all CATALYST™ elements. For example, the driver element of the CATALYST™ will be updated as frequently as 8-10 times a year! Each update will focus on improving CATALYST™ attributes
Introducing CATALYST CREW™ - ATI's end user feedback program. Join now and let us know what you think of CATALYST. For more information, visit www.ati.com

so go visit the site and get the new drivers! server is really busy though, so good luck with speeds! I got my download already!

(not bad for a first post, eh?)



I got the Radeon 8500 about 3 months ago and I am very happy with it... (knock on wood)
Catch23: You should let the ATI drivers install automatically instead of installing them manually and messing them all up. I am begining to see now that ATI technology is way above your brain bucket!:p
Catch23: The only thing I'm doing is enjoying 10000+ 3DMark scores and watching my Digital Doc 5 display 34.8C GPU temp.

"Snatch the Radeon GPU from my hand, then you are ready to begin your journey into true graphics performance!":D


ati's site is really packed today. i couldn't connect until i tried about 30 times. i'm lucky i got in early. they need some mirrors to host. i'm seeing a little performance improvement and better graphics already. medal of honor looks sweet!

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