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New Asus MB


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I scored an Asus P5QC mobo on ebay for $46 bucks with shipping, its more than what i need, and seems to perform well, i never got into OC my cpu but i think i may!

Any thoughts?


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Personally, I'd give it at least a couple weeks before going for the "big OC" as Asus has been having increasing quality issues, and for proper burn in.

Just RMA'd my newest Asus board (M3N78-PRO) a few weeks ago (actually expecting it back today) which lasted 31 days before a total failure.

As always your mileage may vary...


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CipheR: so, your motherboard lasted just about as long as my one Seagate series 11 hard drive did.... long before there was even any mention of a firmware update to fix the entire series of drives from sudden and un-avoidable death. lol


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Sounds like it, yeah just got the call from my house to let me know my board is finally here. Fed Ex delivered it just 6 days after Asus said they mailed it from about 200 miles (1 state) away.

Asus definitely isn't winning any awards with me this past year, and I'll bet when I open it there (as usual) will be no explanation of what was wrong with the board.... Customer service just isn't what it used to be...


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