New Adshield !!!

Perris Calderon

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Ha...I got the scoop!!!!

Doug Lee, the inventer of the greatest add blocker ever concieved has release his beta of an even better adshield.

go here;

read about the extra feaures.

also, use this thread, to comment, and help the program along.

I'll get in touch with Doug, and hopefully he'll be stopping by here to get your feed back and suggestions


Kevin Ar18

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Well it it still beta, or at least was :). For example, since I've been using it, he's uploaded a new beta version that fixed some problems.

Also, there are a few quirks that result because of the ad blocking. For example, the delayed pop-up blocking can cause some sites to not work right. For me personally, I turned off the delayed pop-up feature. Alternatively, you can add the site to the exclude list if you have problems.

I've also contact him about the issue where you can't open in a new window while a page is still loading (unless you hold down the ctrl key). It seems like he might look into that issue pretty soon. If he can fix it, that would be great.