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Neverwinter Nights on a LAN?


hardware monkey
there're three of us sittin here, all with the game installed and we refuse to believe that there is no way to play this game on a LAN.

has anyone done this? if we have to set a dedicated server, how do we join? there has to be a way to do this because we see it mentioned on websites and such, but no explanation on how to get it running.


hardware monkey
so, i guess it has to be done through gamespy. :rolleyes: that's ridculous and unethical, if you ask me.

oh well. thanks for the help. :)


Does this work?
How do you start a multiplayer game but not have to launch GameSpy?

Well use a command line shortcut. Here's how:
Right click and create new shortcut of the desktop icon you use to start NWN
Now right click and go to it's properties.
In the command line, insert this command : 'C:\NeverwinterNights\NWN\nwmain.exe +connect IPadress +password Here'
Replace 'IPadress' by the IP number (ex: of the server and replace 'Here' by the password needed to connect you to server.
That's it. Now when you want to play that server just double click the shortcut and you're ready to play
i thought with a lan, one person acted as dungeon master and the rest connected to him to play the module.

it can't be hard.

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