Neverwinter Nights, Is it worth it?

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Aspenglade, Oct 2, 2002.

  1. Aspenglade

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    Just wanting to know what people think about Neverwinter Nights now that it has been out for a while. Is it worth the pricetag? Is there anything else that beats the game or mods for it that aren't just the typical big bloody monsters and even bigger weapons?

    Post your info with fav mods and such too, would be great to know what all is out there :)
  2. Octopus

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    rpg games suck big time
  3. stuy_b

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    Gotta agree with Octopus
  4. Aspenglade

    Aspenglade Guest

    Alright, now how about replies from people who actually like RPG's?
  5. Sazar

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    lol well I liked it... its not bad...

    I don't play rpg's too much because once you know a strategy it normally makes it too easy to win :)

    however never winter nights plays well... I enjoyed it...
  6. Jestermask

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    Naysayers. :p

    NWN is a great game. It follows very true to new 3rd Edition D&D rules. I haven't tested out making my own campaign yet, but that's because I've been so engrossed in playing the game itself. :) It's wonderfully adaptive gives you plenty of options as to how you want your character to turn out.

    Nothing like completing a quest and becoming the actual owner of an inn, then coming in a couple days later and murdering everyone in it. Muahaha. ;)

    Get it, it's a great game.

  7. SkazzyUK

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    Neverwinter Nights has been fairly shadowed and hasn't really kicked off as well as expected, what is superb about this game is that true D&D atmosphere,

    Now this is a very, very advanced game with diverse worlds,

    You may create your own modules, host a server with those modules, when they connect you are hosting your own module (if you wish) they simply play, you can set up dynamic quests, place dragons and zombies most stuff.

    It is a true classic in my views :)

  8. Aspenglade

    Aspenglade Guest

    Just bought it on Saturday.....awesome stuff....truly awesome stuff.
  9. koko

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    i enthusiastically say, 'buy it'! you won't be disappointed. this is by far one of the best rpgs ever released.

    it has tremendous replayability + the included toolset is awesome.
  10. Aspenglade

    Aspenglade Guest

    Gotta say that I agree it on Saturday and my sorc is already level 12 and kickin some series @ss.....just got into Luskan and am looking thing I am not too impressed with is the way the weapons/eq in chap 2 are all cool then luskan's stuff sucks horribly.