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I have a cable modem connected to a wireless router, connected to a wireless laptop and wireless home computer, how the hell can i swap files between the two computers, it wont let me, i can see the home puter on the laptop but not visa versa


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there are many many ways to skin this cat - but... I can guess what you want is to simply be able to share directly....

You should enable Guest accounts on both machines and ensure simple file sharing is turned on - then share the drives ro whatever you need to have shared. That's it in a nutshell...

Now for a more comprehensive approach go out and get a file server - attach that by CAT5 to your router, have fun installing FreeBSD and configuring and then use a suitable FTP clietn to shunt files around from one to other via yhour file server and you'll probly never lose one in transit! Another way to skin your cat - and you'll learn more but it is probly not what you want.

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