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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by a dreams forever, Feb 2, 2004.

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    I have a small problem here.. I know to add a computer to a network you have to go on the comp using xp and click on my network places then click on "set up a home or small office network" and make a floppy.. cause I did it with my other computer that has 98.. but when I try to click on "set up a home or small office network" it doesnt do anything.. nothing comes up.. no options what so ever.. so I cant make the floppy to put on win98.. I tried going on the comp with win98 and adding file sharing support but that made me put in the win98 cd and asked for a file.. vxd or whatever.. that wasnt even on the windows98 disc.. can someone help me.. tell me whats going wrong.. or where I can download the files that winxp is supposed to put on the floppy for me when you click on "set up a home or small office network".. thank you..
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    Have you tried using your XP cd, you don't have to use a floppy. And make sure nortons IS is switched off before you do it.
    Insert your Xp disc and select additional tasks then select set up net work.
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    Yes use the CD , how do you plan on conecting the 2 computers?