Networking XP Pro


28 Nov 2004
Okay I would like to network my computer with my mothers- I did give it a shot and was unsuccessful- b/c it's not all easy as it's show out to be. I have 2 Windows XP Professional computers.

okay no one out there has Windows XP Pro networked; sounds hard to believe!?!

Items :

2 PC's
2 Network Cards - one in each machine
1 Crossover cable

Setup an IP and subnet on the machine with the internet connection

IP =
Subnet =

Workgroup = workgroup

Other machine

IP =
Subnet =
Gateway = 192.168.01
Workgroup = workgroup
I hate internet connection sharing- each computer has access to the hub > modem; both computers cannot communicate with each other that is all I'm trying to accomplish here.
You can't just plug the modem and both PCs into the hub unless you have two IP addresses from your ISP, in which case, file sharing is most likely not going to work for you anyway. You pretty much have to use ICS, a third-party gateway/NAT routing program, or buy a cable/DSL router.
ok you must add an account on the other computer with each others info from thier machines. and you must logon to the client logon. workgroups must be same name. id must be unique.

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