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Networking XP & 95 with X-over cable



hey, im trying to network my xp mahcine to my 95 machine with a crossover cable, ive heard 95 doesnt like crossovers and being that 95 is dial-up networking i dont know what to do, if anyone can shed any light on this subject for me i would be greatly appeciative


You should be able to install the basic MS networking protocols (tcp/ip, client for MS Networks, file/printer sharing) and set each box's IPs to (XP, for example) and (95), set the gateway on the 95 box to, reboot and you should be good to go. (Assuming your internet connection is to the XP box, not the 95)

You may or may not have to set up internet connection sharing in XP. If you do, I want to say that there's an option to have the networked computers connect via cross-over and have it automatically set that up on the xp box, then it'll offer to make a network setup disk that you can plug into the 95 box and run to set up the network settings there.


There is no issue with Win95 and a crossover cable - as far as Win95 is concerned - it's connected to a network.

after you have setup an IP address for yor computer - go to the Network properties and make sure that you are in the same "workgroup" as you XP machine (assuming that is already setup).

Then you have to creat a user account on the Win95 machine the same as on the XP machine (otherwise XP will ignore it).

when you first power up Win95 with the network protocols set it will ask you for a user name and password - this is where you get a chance to setup the user.

It can be tricky to get both to talk to each other as there are a few things to check and sync.

Once everything is up and running you should be able to ping each others IP address via the command shell.


Why are you still using 95? I would suggest to move to 98SE. No problem here with using crossover cables with a 98SE and XP machine.


As an example:

give your XP-machine a ip-address of -> gateway

win95-machine -> to internet DHCP?

BUT, DON'T FORGET you 1st dns & 2nd dns on your XP-machine!!
Otherwise it will keep looking forever

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