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Networking with wired/wireless routers?

Ok here goes..
I now have 3 computers working on a wired HPNA router. I also have a laptop that goes from one of the computers with just an outgoing nic using ICR on the desktop one to the laptop.Is it possiblt to put a wireless router coming out of the desktop (using the already existing 2nd NIC card there) so that I could use the laptop as wireless?
so basically I'm asking if I could replace the existing wired connection going from my desktop to the laptop and replace it with a wireless router...


Would make more sense to replace your main router with a Wireless capabale router or just get an access point in order to add wireless capability to your current one.
yea thats a good idea, ii just didnt want to go ahead and replace my HPNA router with a wireless onecause then I would have to buy wireless cards for all my comps + the transfer rate if i go wireless BLOWS.

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