networking with Mac OS X n 9

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by maverickliew, Feb 3, 2002.

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    First of all .... regards n respect 2 all experts here. Just switch from Win98 2 XP. Faced some problem with my home network now. Need some advices from all.

    My config : 1 desktop pc, 1 wintel laptop, 1 iBook n SMC 7004ABR router.

    I'm able to share the internet connection 4 all but i can't seems 2 get my ibook 2 communicate with my XP desktop n laptop. I need 2 share a great deal of working documents between them n i'm losing my nerve trying 2 get them comunicating. Anyone here have a solution4 it?

    Advances thanks 2 all the kind soul who have offered help 2 my problem. :) Cheers!!
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