Networking = Slow Computer Startup.. Help??!



I need some help.. this is kind of annoying.. ok.. I am using 3 computers all using windows xp pro.. i have a Netgear DS104 hub connecting them and am using a Alcatel Speed Touch Home ethernet modem for dsl.. here is the problem.. when i boot up my computers (any of them on xp) the comp boots up fine and then i have to wait like 60seconds after it loads before i can really use most programs, connect to the internet, or use the network because i think the network is initilizing or something.. i have my dsl setup just using the xp setup options for PPoE.... is it the dsl or the loging on to the network or what is making it so slow when i boot windows xp before i can actually do stuff?? Its just annoying.. i have an Athlon XP 1900+ and it boots all fast then i gotta wait like forever before i can do stuff because of the network.. help!@!@
- Mike
I dont have a USB modem.. i have the Alcatel Speed Touch Home modem.. its an Ethernet modem.. but i figured out the problem.. i turned off Automatically Assign IP Addresses in my network and gave each of my cmputers one.. that fixed it all up!
- Mike

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