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Networking/Router program preference.


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I was wondering if anyone knows if this is possable, and if so, how to do it:

I have 4 computers, through a router, cable modem. Is there any way to have the router recognize when a particular program(warcraft)or when a particular port is being used and if so, allocate all the bandwidth that program/port can use, dividing the remaining bandwidth to any other programs/ports running on the lan?


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This is my QoS

So I click enable, and then how do I actually had a program/game?

You have to figure out which port a game is using? How would you do that, and yes I should know this by now. lol


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well the game site should tell you what port it is using (game docs should also) then you tick optimize gaming applications.

Under that you add the required details -

Game name
How much of a priority it will have

(Not sure what its like under windows)

Norm all there is to it, although im no expert when it comes to QoS - there are bound to be gaming sites out there that explain it better than i :)


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Let's clarify something about QoS..

You can only really control outbound QoS - meaning the traffic you send out of a device. You really have very limited control over inbound QoS because you can only sort the packets once you get them.


pirate extraordinaire
OK fitz, thanks. I made my main machine(mac addy) and the program highest priority in QoS, but I'm not sure it really made a difference or not.

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