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Question for all you router buffs.
I run a router to which 2 pc's are cabled in and 2 laptops WIFI. I put a wep key encryption on it. i.e. a 26 digit key. once i did this i could still access the internet with it but can't remember if i could access my net work but i think i could. What would of caused this?

Also at the moment i have 1 cabled pc connencted and 1 laptop connected, but only one MAC address.


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Re: who is using my router?

brocher, thats not really a question! are you asking why the two cabled pc's still worked? or why the wifi ones did? not sure what you are asking... also as i understand it wep encryption does not affect in any way hardlined as in cabled pcs into the router.


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Made a seperate thread for this because it can go far from the original question.

Which machines can't access the network - the two PCs or the two laptops?

Reading your post again, would I be correct in assuming you COULD access the network before you implemented encryption?

Can you not access resources on the laptops from the laptops? On the desktops from the laptops? Both?

More info please.


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Originally when i installed the router i had no encryption on it and after a bit of research put on a 26 kep WEP (128bit)encryption. After this without changing settings on the laptops or desktop i could still access the internet but can't remember if i could access the network.


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You should setup WPA if your hardware supports it, just as an FYI -

Confirm if you can or can't access the network (since you said you can't remember) and provide some more specifics at that time :)


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Weird, the laptops should not have been able to access the Lan or the internet after the WEP was activated on the router.

The ALN machines would be unaffected. WEP is a wireless protocol.

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