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networking problems with xp


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I want to set up a small network using a router for my pc internet and my xbox live. people on here told me just to plug in the router and it will work but it does not work. I had this problem before so I ran the windows "set up a small home or business network" program. and then it ran fine. now I try to click on that and nothing comes up. nothing happens. what gives? is there something in the "services" that i turned off making it for it doesnt run? like something i turned off to make it not let me have a network? if so, tell me what all needs to be on to have the network. TIA.
do u have cable or DSL. if cable then most lilkely you dont have to configure the router. If you have DSL, you have to ass the username and password into the router with PPoE as your option. Once you do that you should have internet. As far as the network wizard, you dont really need that to connect to the internet if u have a router.

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