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Networking problems from hell



I'm currently having some network problems that I can not figure out. Currently my dsl router is set up for DHCP and on my main machine, it finds the ip address and dns just fine. However, on my 2 other machines on the network have a hard time to connecting to it. On one maching I have to release and renew the connection. The other just takes forever. I checked the settings and everything is seems to be fine, it sees the DNS address and IP address but doesn't see anything. One thing I do find curious is that opening a browser, it sees the IP addresses of the websites, but doesn't connect. Any ideas??? I am totally baffled. Just a footnote, I'm running WinXP Pro.
Are the other 2 machines set to automatically find their IP addresses? Assuming they are -

Some more details on the physical layer of the network would help. First off you did not mention it was wireless network. That makes a difference.

You have to make sure the physical layer (hubs, router, wiring, etc) is working before looking for set up issues. Since you are wireless signal strength needs to be verified.

Putting all three computers in the same room as the router will guarantee good signal strength to all three. If the problems clear up it's a signal problem. Also make sure the router is positioned well clear on any metal surfaces (there's a story about a stack of beer cans behind this comment). Keep the router on a book shelf a couple feet above the PC/Monitor to avoid RF shadowing by the PC.

If the furnace, air conditioning, or a metal insert fireplace is between the router and the other PC's it can block signal. Same for metal cabinets, etc.

Cell phones and portable phones can also create interference so keep them away from the router and the PC's.

You can also have dead spots in a house due to metal airducts in the walls so try moving the receivers or router around.

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