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I recently had my house wired, for ethernet. My computers all work, but recently i purchased three new computers. Two desktops which are the identical, and a Lap Top. I connected the first desktop and it worked on the internet. I connected the second and it says there limited internet? I ran into this same probem with the lap top. I tested the ports by getting a fourth laptop and they all worked. I have additional older computers that work, buts it just this new hp desktop and toshiba laptop that refuse to find a connection. I even tried manually entering the ip #'s, but they never found the router, or anything else. If they automatically get the ip it says low limited or low connectivity. Those same ports work on any other computer. They computers worked anywhere else, but one these two connections? I have a router connected to a switch. Anyone know how i might solve this problem?


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How many PC's are you connecting total?

All the jacks work fine? You can connect another computer and it works?

The new computers work at other jacks in the house?


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I switched the computers with my dell lap top and the connection lit up and worked. I switched the working hp with the not working one and the connection worked. Its just windows saw low connectivity so it will be like you arent connected to the network. At first it would always say network unplugged, for these two comps, but when i connected my laptop it worked. If you go into properties in the local area connection you will see two options 1. to show you if you are connected 2. to notify you when connection is limited. Could the problem be the switch, i replaced the router from linksys to netgear.