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Networking Problem - no address assigned

Network hardware and wiring has not changed.

Put a new MB into my main computer that has 10/100/GB. Now I have to unplug and replug the network wire to get the router to issue an IP address.

The hardware shows as connected ok (green lights and indication from windows the network is connected) tthe problem is just the IP address.

The router is an ancient Linksys BFESR11 and somethmes needs to be reset to restore lost connections, but this problem is a totally new feature.

PS Didn't there used to be a netwokring forum here??? I counldn't find it. :(

Shamus MacNoob

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netsh winsock reset catalog

Is the command and the other is

netsh winsock show catalog

Needs to be XPSP2 ... but that little tool does a fine job and is well tested and proven to work...
Ran the tool and did some registry purging. Now it's... different.

Running bootvis I load fast until mdm.exe (debug tool for MS studio) then there is a 60 second delay, bunch more files load in seconds, then another ~60 second delay. From the first delay on any attempt to access the internet ends up with a blank IE window which does not respond to close commands. When the two delays are over IE connects.

I'm thinking uninstall MS studio and reinstall it.

Any other ideas?

Yes, I know I should just reformat and reinstall but it takes 2 weeks of nights and weekends to get everything loaded and I always miss programs I need urgently at a future date. Besides I'm too stubborn to give up! And even worse I started my tax return on this machine.

American Zombie

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It is much easier (and the preferred way now) to just run a repair install after changing a motherboard instead of removing things from device manager.
I did the repair install. Worked fine, I thought, but there appears to be something hosed with the network services.

The problem has been there since just after the install. LAN networking has been slow to acquire an IP from the DHCP and USB wireless will not obtain an IP address at all over my router. I can get a USB wireless connection to my neighbors unsecured router though.

I have another router I will try but I don't want to take my network down before Saturday. The old router works fine with the laptop and 4 other desktops. It does not seem to like 10/100/GB NICs though. I have an add in one that I could never get to work. I assumed it was the computer I had it in but there may be an issue with the old router.

Shamus - yes to all of the above. Flashed latest Bioses (router and MB). Downlaoded latest driver sets I could find. Realtek drivers have been hard to find. Other drivers are more up to date. I'm learning to hate realtek NICs.

Reppie time. The problem is not fixed (still have 2 substantial 60 second delays before the internet ip is obtained) but with the help above I am convinced it is in the drivers and services setup which means I don't have to worry about returning this MB by Sunday.

Thanks all.

PS the delays aren't in the Networking. FF connects immediately. IE and Eudora hang for 90 seconds. So it's something else in driver/services land.
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